Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(Cambridge, MA., September 2010)

It all started with this little robot. At least I think of him as the robot when I step over him almost every morning. (Others may refer to him as "Stickman", and he has relatives.) I walk a lot, especially around Cambridge, and I like to look around. There's a lot to see if you look carefully. While I wouldn't consider myself to be a grafitti connoisseur, I'm especially attracted to figural art. Outside.

I've been taking photographs of graffiti for a couple years, so expect a bit of bloggy backtracking. I don't necessarily seek it out, which makes it all the more fun when I stumble across something I like. I'm not limiting myself to a geographical area, and sometimes I may have a broad interpretation; something that I see as accidental art rather than artsy art. We'll see!

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